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About us

Founded in 2020, Store LEVT is a lifestyle store for furniture and objects created by Studio RYTE.

RYTE (right) and LEVT (left) are complementary and interdependent. A simple twist between letters gives an extra identity to the word. In our world, RYTE refers to space and LEVT refers to object, as we think that space and object always come together and each of them completes one another.

In practice, RYTE is the design engine for delivering the right service for architectural, interior and furniture projects, while LEVT serves as an e-commerce platform to fill the space with our designed furniture and objects.

How we work

The multi-disciplinary design team is dedicated to harness technology and craftsmanship to redefine mundane urban objects, materials and space.

We operate beyond silos. We generate powerful designs through interdisciplinary conversations and collaborations. We experiment with details, explore novel ways of fabrication as well as prototyping and testing out different forms and material to optimize the manufacturing process and user experience.

We create the right products for you and your space

The right products that will grow with you and adapt to your ever-changing lifestyle. Products that elevate your space and living effortlessly, and products that balance aesthetics and functionality perfectly.

Engineered for a better living space

Store LEVT is more than a collection of designed products, it is a lifestlye guide curated to elevate your space and daily lives effortlessly.

From function to form and choice of material, every product is an exclusive design of high quality materials and thoughtful functionality.

Wellness of our customers and this planet matters

Sustainability is always one of our priorities when it comes to product and its packaging design. Most of our products are produced from recycled and sustainable materials. As designers, we believe we are responsible for the whole life cycle of each product.

Every product is designed to be flat-packed and easy to be assembled, it minimizes the carbon footprint during transportation and delivery. It enables products to grow with the customers, to from places to places easily in order to adapt the ever-changing lifestyle.