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by Studio RYTE

Catssup Floating Playground

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Catssup Floating Playground is the ultimate bundle that reshapes the space for you and your cats.

What's in the box:

  • Dot Step x 2
  • Cloud Lounge x 1
  • Climbing Tower x 1
  • Felt Balls x 2

Catssup is an ultimate high quality and easy-to-install cat furniture system that seamlessly integrates into your home without the bulkiness of a traditional cat tree. The modular clip-on system adapts to your living condition and your cats' personalities, offering the flexibility to expand or change into different scenarios while you and you cats grow together.

Even better, when clipped at your desk, it serves as an armrest that supports and relieves loads on your neck and shoulder as you work. Designed to support weight via a folded geometry, and working in pairs, the mechanism of Catssup is sophisticated yet minimal.


Pick-up Options: Available for Hong Kong customers only